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Is this a foul? Many are debating whether or not this controversial foul call was warranted–you be the judge.

Mark Whitehead, Terry Oglesby

In a D-III basketball game between two Massachusetts schools no one has ever heard of (Fitchburg State University and Nichols college), a player from Nichols attempted to shoot a 3. Kewan Platt then aggressively attempted to swat the ball, but missed and fouled the player.

But was it really a foul? Decide for yourself:

Clean play.

Just kidding…surprisingly, punching the shit out of someone out of nowhere isn’t allowed in basketball. I wonder when they changed that rule. The puncher, Kewan Platt, was ejected from the game, suspended from the team indefinitely, and banned from campus.

The move was probs out of frustration considering he just air-balled and bitched to the red, but didn’t get the call he was looking for.

“Ugh, sports nowadays are so soft. They are playing a game of patti compared to the way it was People are such babies. Kid revved up from the game and throwing hands…nothing wrong with that.”                      

Hardos everywhere.

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