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People From Indiana are Astoundingly Dumb–This Video contains All the Proof Needed To Confirm Their Stupidity

Indiana SERIOUSLY needs to stop inbreeding or else they’ll find themselves with a state full Forrest Gump’s. Stupid is as stupid does, and both of these men definitely went and gone n’ does somethin’ stupid. That is what I imagine what the Indiana Education system claims is the correct grammar for a sentence that says that these men are stupider than their stupidly stupid performance in the world’s most basic of board games. 

Jesus christ. These beer belly schmucks performed so unintelligibly that it makes you think that the two randomly selected participants we’re planted actors that purposely had the worst game of Tic Tac Toe ever. It makes sense that the team would want some spicy entertainment during a game break considering watching the Pacers is more unwatchable than watching an obese person trying to run the New York marathon. Think about it–Indianians (wtf is the word for people from Indiana?) take a break from their their boring ass lives in their boring ass state to try and get some entertainment from a boring ass team playing a boring ass sport. 

Pacer’s administration definitely felt like the the least they could do for their loyal, boring ass fans is put on a show during the break.

I am BEGGING for someone to find out what jobs these guy’s do for a living. I hope it’s something like a theoretical physicist or an elementary school teacher or Doctor or a manager of stock portfolios or a Math 55 College Professor aka Honors Abstract Algebra and Honors Real and Complex Analysis:

Would love to find out that the world’s worst Tic Tac Toe player teaches the hardest math class possible. 

It would tickle my pickle to learn that these guys have some type of job that’ll make everyone that works with them question their competence.

Doctor: Hey Timmy, I know you have been briefed on how risky this surgery can be, but my surgical statistics are impeccable. The success rate of my operations is uncannily high. There is nothing to worry about. 

Patient: Hey doc, isn’t this you in the Pacers halftime show the other day?

Doctor: Embarrassingly, Yes.

Patient: Get me off this fucking gurney and as far away from this hospital as possible. 


Now we know why Notre Dame is smack in the middle of the state with the stupidest people on the planet–the state literally NEEDS to host one of the best universities in the world in their state so their IQ average levels out a bit. If ND wasn’t in Indiana, the IQ average would no joke be -300. 

Even Indiana University is freaking dumb. The mascot for the dumb state’s state school is dumber than the state of their dumb state: “The Hoosiers.” If you are one of the 319.03 Million Americans that are blessed with NOT being from Indiana, you probably didn’t know what the fuck a hoosier was unless you’re like so 80s and like totally caught the super rad 1986 flick, Hoosiers (credit: this sentence was constructed by my Dad as I sought consultation on how one might speak in 80s slang). 

Not-not-not-not-fake-fake-fake-news. I’d pay to watch someone from Indiana try to figure out that septuple negative.

A “hoosier” is the most nasty, fierce, intimidating, and inspiring of mascot characters out there. The typical predator mascots, like the Lions, Sharks, and Gators of the world don’t hold a candle to the hoosier. Mythically imperious mascots like Devils or Titans or Dragons are seen shaking in their boots when matching up against the Hoosier. 

Just fucking kidding! The Hoosier mascot is literally defines as, “a native or inhabitant of Indiana.” *Speechless, a wave of silence takes over the room.*


Image result for that is fucking dumb gif


ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? That’s like the University of Florida being “The University of Florida Floridians,” or Penn State being, “the Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvanians.” God you’re so dumb Indiana. Have some pride…if you’re school isn’t just a state school but is THE State School of your state (EX: Pitt is a state school Pennsylvania, while Pennsylvania State University is THE state school of Pennsylvania). But what else did yo expect from a state where figuring out how to play Tic Taco Toe is their version of figuring out the Da Vinci Code.

Hoosiers believe that this is the proper way to use a computer

While I now hate all of you Hoosiers after writing this blog, maybe I am being a little harsh. So you’re not alone, Indiana. You aren’t the only state breeding people that are reverse-evolving. Turns out that Iowa also is made up of people dumber than neanderthals. 

This happened today between Iowan congressional representative Steve King and the CEO of Google. One of the people running the state didn’t know that Iphones ARE NOT MADE BY GOOGLE. 

THIS MAN IS IN ONE OF THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF AN ENTIRE STATE. Literally responsible for 6.7 million people. How the hell did you even implant that thought into your stupid corn-eating brain? “Oh look, there is an Apple logo on my Apple-iPhone…Google must have changed it’s logo that has only existed for 3 years despite being one of the biggest corporations on the planet. There probably isn’t another massive tech company that’s had the same logo for 40 years, and I probably do haven’t seen said logo of said hypothetical company every day for for the last ~10 years.”

Image result for you are really dumb gif


When you are feeling stupid, always remember that your brain is centuries worth of evolution ahead of anyone from Indiana.  

2 thoughts on “People From Indiana are Astoundingly Dumb–This Video contains All the Proof Needed To Confirm Their Stupidity”

  1. I’d googled “why are people from Indiana so stupid”…having seen that trmp had polled 8-14 percentage points ahead of Biden. I toast you rather than roast you.

  2. As someone that has lived in Indiana for the majority of my 45 years and already heavily invested here with family and friends we are not all this way. That said there are colossal numbers of dumbfucks and 70 IQ idiots that reside in this state and if I was 20 years again I would be looking elsewhere for mental, educational and physical stimulation. Hoosier Losers would be a good term for the majority of the people in Indiana. I would say that about half the population is a combination of inbred stupid and seriously loco which they’re not smart enough to see through. I certainly won’t roast you for poking fun at Indiana because this state has a serious problem with idiocy. Another example of this is the state back in 1965 during the manufacturing heyday of this state was 17th in US in personal income. Now 55 years later in 2021 you can look at statistics where Indiana ranks 38th in personal income. Add in the fact that Indiana ranks 43rd in educational attainment and its not much better than the Third World state of Kentucky which is 47th in educational attainment.

    It’s sad that this state which has a lot of potential and talent has been populated for many years by a bunch of reverse thinking, backwoods, inbred Neanderthals without common sense and 60 percent of the population being total morons with a sizable percent of 15 percent being borderline morons and the rest relatively well adjusted people.

    The sad thing is that I know tons of people here that basically aren’t smart enough to work as a courtesy clerk in customer service at Walmart yet those are the types of jobs increasingly coming to smaller Indiana towns. Low wages, lack of education, lack of common sense and a lack of basic human decency is a big problem in this state. It’s like all of the fat, stupid, mentally challenged and slow people decided to take over Indiana. Who knows maybe its because they’re inbred with their family members being from Kentucky and West Virginia and a few other cesspools that produce low mentality morons. Who knows!

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