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This Recently Arrested Registered Sex Offender Has Horn Implants in His Head that Make Him Even Creepier

Anyone that has horn implants and is a registered sex offender is just asking for people to make jokes about him being “horny.”

You know when you’re walking down the street and you see someone with way too many tattoos and piercings–we’re talking people piercings that create giant gashes in obscure places like their bottom lip or their nostrils–you know those people?

Dear lord…this man can literally put food in his cheek to eat. I am sure that comes in handy when he is in line at church and needs to decide between the body or blood of Christ…this way he can do both at the same time!
Honestly hard to look at

Well, there’s a reason that your initial reaction is to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THAT PERSON, and it’s because anyone that purposely makes their appearance so repulsing is someone that you should STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM.

Initially thought that this man was a practicing Hindu. My analytics team has determined that the stud in the middle of his forehead is NOT a bindi.

What Star Trek Species is this? Dude literally fits right in:

Find Waldo

Aurturo Martinez, 42, used a fake name to pester this girl, and even used a fake voice when talking on the phone with her so he could disguise himself as a woman. “He is also accused of contacting babysitting, cleaning, taxi, estate agents and delivery services in an effort to lure women.” If I EVER showed up to a job to clean or cook or babysit or whatever and I thought a woman would be greeting me, but instead am met at the door with THIS, I would turn and run instantly without even hearing the man out. “Oh my wife just went out blah blah blah.” DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING LIKE THAT… you really think that this Eeyore doppelganger has a wife?

Look at their eyes and ears and tell em they aren’t siblings. You can’t.

Here is how I imagine his court hearings go:

Judge: On the charge of being a complete and total creep, how does the defendant plea?

Martinez: Not Guilty

*Judge takes one look at his face*

Judge: The court finds the defendant guilty of all charges

Related image

With horns like that, you just know that this isn’t Arturo’s first rodeo (get it….he has horns like a bull). The man already was a registered sex offender prior to being arrested for trying to lure this girl into his home. No surprise there. I am just thankful that the police caught this guy before anyone was forced to mess with the bull and get the horns. Thankfully, this cow didn’t get milked.

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