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Kendra Wilkinson is Dating Chad Johnson From The Bachelorette and I am Annoyed

Kendra Wilkinson–famous for her various reality shows– and Chad Johnson, famous for being a complete and total dick on The Bachelor, have reportedly been going on dates. The two have apparently known each other for some time but have just recently been going on super low-profile dates…as if anything two d-list celebrities can be considered high profile.

The two have been trying to keep their Revelation-ship a secret because Chad Johnson is a cast member of a dating show show airing on MTV called, “Ex on the beach.” The show is only like 5 episodes into season 2. While the reality show is just another piece of crap all the contestants are super hot and fight and argue all of the time, finding out that Chad Johnson and Kendra Wilkinson are dating ruins the ending of the show for Chad fucking Johnson.

Here is Chad Johnson, formerly Chad Ochocinco, formerly Chad Johnson (again), NOT the Chad Johnson dating Kendra Wilkinson. The only thing that the two have in common is the same name, though there was a time period not too long ago they didn’t even have THAT in common.

The point of Ex on the beach is to see if a bunch of singles can be put on an island in a house full of their exes and see if you can find love, whether it’s with your ex or not. Of course, the show is full of fighting and has zero class and is full of vain people that really care more about themselves then finding love (for real….ex-Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham literally goes to bed early every night and when she is awake, all she does is fight with everyone–she clearly is only on the show because she wants more fame and money. Also, she always talks about how exemplary of a mother she is but one must wonder how good of a single mother one can be when you leave your kids under the supervision of someone else for months to be on a dating show notorious for binge drinking and petty-fighting).

I do.

And now I know that Chad Johnson does not end up with Nicole Ramos who has by far the best personality of any of the women on the show, I wasn’t too faithful I was sort of hoping they would end up together but I doubted it because Chad originally admitted to spending time with her because she was, “a sure thing,” so he’d save himself the energy trying to hook up with another one of his female cast members. Chad and Nicole haven’t gotten all that much air-time because they haven’t really been at the center of any arguments.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, The worthless-news magazine asked Chaddy about his relationship status. Chad, whose been described by Ruth Bader Ginsburg as having a face that was, “basically porn for girls” said that the audience would have to watch the show to find out about his relationship status. What a deflection. He definitely had say that response because his dumbass got caught with Kendra Wilkinson in public so people continue to tune in for all of the show’s tom fuckery. So obvious. Now I see what people meant by calling him the “bad boy” of the Bachelorette. Clearly he doesn’t play by the rules. He probably rips the tag off of his mattress too despite the, “Do not remove under penalty of law” warning. What a bad boy. So hot. My Fallopian tubes are quivering.

But at the very least, this gives us some hope that Chad is going to get into some sort of beef before the show is over. We know for a fact that Chad has an ex that shows up and that he likes them nice and crazy, so we can expect a hurricane to roll through. And if you’re crazy enough for a nutcase like Chad to call you crazy, then you must be showing up at the set of Ex on The Beach coming directly from her release at the asylum. I am Hyped because I don’t watch the Bachelor so I really need to see this guy lose his mind before he becomes just another forgotten member of reality TV.

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