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Britney Spears Named one of the Most Mentally Unstable Public Figures Of All Time: See Who Else Made the list

We comprised a list of the craziest people to have ever walked this Earth, in case you forget all of the wild things that some of these public figures have done over the years. A team of 20 people voted, these are the results:


Britney spears

Ah Britney…Britney, Britney, Britney. Britney. Spears probably had the biggest meltdown remember when Britney came out with he song Toxic, with the main chorus’s line, “I’m addicted to you, but I know that you’re toxic,” and then she shaved her head like a year later?)



If you didn’t know Taylor Swift was crazy by now, after a long career of many famously failed romances and the many albums that came from them, you yourself might need to make a psychiatric consultation).


Hitler, Adolf

Everyone knows that Hitler was delusional. Only some seriously fucked up dude would order the genocide of 7 million people because they didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes. But according to the Sun, Hitler was fucked up in terms of his bedroom play:

Adolf Hitler would have masturbated to 2 girls 1 cup


Courtney Love

Courtney Love is, and always has been, a complete fucking nutcase. I know that people blame how much she struggled with Kurt Cobain’s suicide and her consequential drug use, but she was a psycho when she dated Kurt Cobain. Wouldnt she literally stalk him and make his life a living hell? I remember that. But my memory is probably failing me because at that time I was only -2 years old. Literally. I was at the age of TBC (to be conceived).


Jim Carrey…

….has lost his fucking mind. Literally. If you haven’t seen the documentary, Jim and Andy, which has all of the behind the scene footage from the set of the film Man on the Moon, you definitely should watch it. Carrey was method acting to embody Andy Kaufman, which basically is when an actor stays in character while on set or even until filming is over. So Jim was identifying as Andy. You literally had to refer to Jim Carrey as “Andy” if you wanted to acknowledge him. He’d say “who the hell is Jim?” Jim Carrey didn’t even know who he was by the end of the movie. Also, if you have seen him on the red carpet as of late, he is saying the whackiest shit, like “none of this world is real and this is all part of infinite realities.” The press there probably didn’t know what the hell to respond. So yeah he is nuts.


Amanda Bynes

I hear Amanda is doing well these days, and that is good for her! I have to say though, her life was sure as hell interesting when her brain was made of mashed potatoes. I would have genuinely watched a new reality spin-off show about her roller-coaster life called, “The Amanda Shit-Show.”


Jesus of Nazareth (aka Jesus Christ)

Well first of all, historians and museum people came up with a relatively accurate depiction of what Jesus Christ would have probably looked like when he was alive. And someone needs to give Jesus Christ and all Catholics a reality check about how good looking he was.

For some reason Catholics like to imagine him as Liam Hemsworth with long hair, but he didn’t look like that at all.

He looked much better!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I am glad we got that delusion out of the way. Now the 2nd thing you have to consider The POSSIBILITY that everyone in the Christ family was just a tad shizophrenic. Imagine if Jesus and Mary said some of the stuff that they proclaimed in today’s society. Imagine if you saw a lady in the streets shouting shit like “Oh I was visited by an Angel who told me I am going to be giving birth to the son of god and I’d be immaculately impregnated and he told me that me and Joseph need to get the fuck out of town so people don’t think I am a sloot.”

Pretty sure that is the person you’d be trying as hard as you could to avoid eye contact with them. And then Jesus, who might have believed his Mother’s delusions or conscientious lies.

If you are in New York City and you saw this man in the middle of Times Square and he’s shouting, “I am a third man, one third God, and third Holy Spirit, and also I am the son of God but the son of God part isn’t really counted because I am technically am God himself. Don’t worry about that right now, I will hash those details out with the 4 gospel writers. So anyway am your savior and I am going to save all of your sins by acting as a sacrificial lamb. So yeah give me all of your sins and when I die I’ll bring them with me to get absolved or whatever and then purge myself of the sins over a 3 day process of which I will be dead but I will resurrect myself on the third day….even though my body will probably gross and nasty at that time. Also, i am Jewish and that is the correct religion for right now but when I am back on the third day we really need to change to Christianity because you best believe me.”

I am a Catholic. I believe. Famous gay man George Michael–who was hated by the Church–sang a song called Faith. You gotta have it.


Gary Busey

This one doesn’t need an explanation


Shia lebeouf

Shia seems to have found his mind after he lost it for a significant amount of time, but for a while it seemed like he was in the news for being a fricking whack job all of the time. I really love the back he wore to the red carpet.


King Henry VII

Fun Fact: King Henry the 8th was thought to have suffered from dissociative identity disorder, and that he actually wasn’t the 8th “henry” to sit on the throne as king of England. He got his name because he had 8 different personalities, and when he took the throne, a new personality emerged–the new king’s 8th and final personality that turned out to be his strongest: Henry, the 8th….personality.

While you wont be able to find anything that confirms my claim, I challenge you to find a historical document that says anything to the contrary.

In any case, I have some factual information that’d suggest some serious mental issues with King Henry VIII. First of all, anyone that has 6 wives is seriously out of his mind. Einstein’s definition of insanity was trying something over and over again expecting a different outcome. And he tried to find a woman he could impregnate to give him a son 6 times. He beheaded most of his other wives. He had many mistresses, and even had a bastard son with one of them who he later made the Duke of Richmond. \

Basically what happened was that Henry VIII wanted to have a legitimate son with the queen of England, but all of his wives kept having girls or miscarriages so for a variety of reasons, King Henry VIII had them executed, and his throne was passed on to his bastard son, Edward. And the rest is history.

Also he might have been Kell positive and suffered from McLeod syndrome which would have led to deterioration of his is mental health.


Charlie Sheen

WINNING! Everyone knows about Charlie Sheen’s reveal to the world that he is quite the…crazy person. Sheen had no shame about his party lifestyle, and when he was dismissed from Warner Brothers, he made outrageous claims and people didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. According to Sheen, he is a “warlock” with “tiger blood” made of “Adonis DNA,” and that he was “tired of pretending that (I’m) not a total bitchin’ rockstar.”


Miley Cyrus

Lest we forget that Miley Cyrus has a split personality disorder that she’s dealt with her whole life. Besides her constant need to suppress the urge of releasing Hannah Montana to the world, anyone that Publicly twerks on Robin Thicke needs to be seriously medicated. Ever since “the new miley” broke out, she prety much is still herself, she’s just a little bit more sexually-liberal and outspoken and open about her personal life. Otherwise she is fine. But miley is the perfect example of how anyone can suffer from an Acute episode of psychosis, especially if having to suffer the grinding of Robin Thicke’s pelvis.


Tom Cruise

Unless Tommy boy comes out and admits he railed 10 lines of coke or took excsasy like our friend Kim Kardashian did, I’ll never believe that this man is not absolutely nuts.

People also seem to forget that Tom Cruise is apart of the cult that is Scientology. Leah Remini has referred to Cruise as “diabolical.” Not only has Tom Cruise admitted that he is a (self-proclaimed) expert in Psychology and he uses it to manipulate and woo women, but he is proud of it!

No wonder he’s had 3 marriages with famous actresses end in divorce (Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes).


George Washington

Everyone loves GW. The first president was pretty awesome, but one must wonder if someone with wooden teeth (which, as it turns out, weren’t actually wooden, but made up of a ton of other crap that made them look brown) and soeone who wanted to actually wanted to attack Hessians (who were fighting for the British) that we’re occupying Trenton, NJ so they could take the town back.

No one of sane mind would take such drastic measures to win back Trenton, NJ. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, Is the juice (Trenton) worth the squeeze ?

Is the juice worth the squeeze?


Randy Quaid

Randy Quaid back in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:

Randy Quaid now:

If you didn’t know Randy Quaid was a fucking nutcase, then you really should be made aware of that because the guy you watch every year at Christmas was arrested for burglary. Back in 2010, Quaid and his wife sold their home to someone and then in September of that year, we’re caught living in the back house after 5 years. Moral of the story, never sell your house. Also because of this, he has been in trouble with US and Canadian border control like almost nonstop because he goes in and out of Canada all the time, and Canada keeps delivering him over because you can’t leave the US if you have done something illegal and have upcoming court appearances. Moral of the story is never sell your house unless you want the person you bought it from to break into it after it isn’t theirs.


Kanye West

If you have a twitter or are up to date on celebrity news, you already know that this man is out of his mind. I mean, I think it’s generally accepted that Kanye is nuts. Look at these four photos of Kanye.

I mean, this literally looks like Kanye gets mad when people make him smile on TV. IT’s FUCKING WEIRD. He must think it’s bad for his brand or something because why the hell would he act so fucking tough after he smiled. I think he thinks that smiling makes you look weak? It honestly makes you look even more weak because you’re scared of looking weak so you fake a tough guy look. The strongest guys are the ones that could go on national television and tell a story about themselves being super girly or something, but he is so secure in his masculinity that the thought of looking soft doesn’t even cross their minds.

Sorry for all the dictators murders, rapists, and anyone else I missed.

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