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Ariana Grande is Officially Being Sued for Copyright Infringement

Ariana Grande is being sued for copyright infringement. America’s sweetheart is a thief!

One of the scenes in Ariana Grande’s music video for her new smash hit, “God is a Woman,” depict Grande as the wick of a candle while dancing amidst a lit flame. About 20 years ago, Vladimir Kush (amazing name), painted two pairings called, “The Candle” and “The Candle 2.” Though “The Candle 2” is the most boring name for a follow-up painting (the least Vlad Kush could have done was call it, “The 2nd Candle” or something a little different but whatever), the resemblance between Vlad’s paintings and Grande’s music video is unprecedented.

BOTH are Vladamir Kush’s Paintings
I’ll give TMZ the photo credit here despite the fact that I could go right to Grande’s music video and screenshot the candle, but then again, I did learn aboutt he story from TMZ so, gotta give them the nod because of my Journalistic Integrity.

Apparently, Grande is using Vlad’s same cloudy sky, ring effect of clouds around the flame and the same light beams radiating from the flame—according to TMZ who says this is according to the lawsuit. Ariana made the video with the production company, Freenjoy inc., who are also being sued for copyright infringement. Freenjoy has been in trouble for copyright infringement before.

Kendrick Lamar, SZA, and Freenjoy were all sued by Lina Iris Viktor for copyright infringement. Viktor claimed that her artworks, “Constellations 1” Cosntellations 2,” and “Constellations 3” were copied by the musicians and production company to try and promote the Black Panther soundtrack.

This one I did NOT get from TMZ. Just kidding.

I said what what, in the butt!

These big time production companies think they can just steal from us people n the art world and will get away with it.

Both of these lawsuits demanded that the music videos be taken down. However, YouTube has a policy where they basically won’t take a video down after it has a certain amount of views unless it does something super-duper terrible, like promoted violence or self-harm in anyway. YouTube won’t take down a major music video from major musicians over tiny little disputes over 5 seconds of a music video.  Though we know it’s long past the time to be able to take down the black panther music video, can we take down the Ariana Grande one?

No, we can’t. It has more than 200 million views, so that part of the lawsuit should really be waved goodbye to by Vlad, the kushman, Kush. This is not the firs time Ariana has been involved with a little copy-cat scandal as one of her other recent hits, “7 rings,” has been called out by 3 different artists for stealing their shit.

Soulja boy claimed Grande was a fraud–though I think really jumped out he bandwagon of this ABC Dallas reporter who thought his song, “Pretty boy swag” and 7 rings sounded  a lot alike.  

Honestly, the two sound very much alike if you ask me. They both suck equally.

The second person to criticize Grande is 2 Chainz, who claims that she used the same house as him in a music video. While at first I laughed this off because a comparison of photos of the two houses make them look totally different, if you actually watch the 7-rings music video, they look very similar.

2 Chainz Trap Hizzle:


Ariana Grande’s Pink House:

It all looks rather familiar.

Two chainz also claimed that she stole some of his music but I guess all of their beef is done with because now they’re friends! Ariana made a Remix of 7-rings with, guess who?

1+1 Chainz…what are you doing?? Don’t tell me you sold out to further your own career and allowed her to get away with such a monstrosity! Working together with her finally gave us some sort of confirmation that she stole your ideas, and yet, you basically are telling us that it’s totally cool with you! What a dichotomy we must struggle with! Is that why they call him two chainz? One chain for the good and one for the bad? Dichotomy chainz!

Lastly, Princess Nokia, who should have called herself Princess Samsung Galaxy or Princess Iphone or iPrincess (definitely the last one), has also called out Ariana Grande for stealing her lyrics or some shit. And all of Princess Nokia’s fans are agreeing, but idk no one seems to be talking about it anymore.

While I did not really listen to the lyrics of either fo the songs played in the video with Princess Nokia as I lost too many brain cells with a single viewing, from what I am reading online is that the two songs share a lot of the same lyrics and “flow” and “bars,” as they say in the hippity hop world. So, from what I can surmise, it seems like Ariana stole soulja’s pretty boy swag (the music’s beat), used 2 Chainz’s style for the music video, and Princess Nokia’s lyrics for the song.

So yeah, basically this entire thing was put here to say that we stand with Vladamir Kush! If you are a fan of this blog, you know where we stand on the EGREGIOUS crimes of Ariana Grande. These crimes are Ariana-gregious. They are Grande. Grande crimes.

We here at KillerTakes have a longstanding theory that most of what Ariana Grande does in her personal life is done mainly for publicity, including, but not limited to, everything related to Pete Davidson (there is good reason to believe that Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s entire relationship was done for publicity. Please click here to learn more about the coincidental and very convenient timing of Ariana Grande’s release of two separate albums and her love affair with Pete Davidson–of which was entirely set up by Ariana Grande’s manager).

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