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Monmouth County has an Outbreak of the most Disgusting Disease of All Time: Scabies

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I am genuinely sorry that I included this image because it is just that nasty

The CDC has announced an outbreak of Scabies at a nursing home in Lakewood. The Asbury Park Press has reported that Fountain View Care center in Lakewood so infected with multiple cases of skin disease, though it did not specify the number of cases.

Scabies is particularly scary because it is particularly disgusting. Scabies, people, is not an infection. You wish it was an infection. No, Scabies is an INFESTATION. Just like a bed gets infested with bed bugs, or a dog gets infested with fleas, you literally become infected with Scabies. Scabies basically can look like acne or eczema, so it may be tough to differentiate. If you have never had acne or eczema before and notice that you have something that looks like it on your hands just after visiting your grandmother in the nursing home, get yourself checked. And then call an exterminator.

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Some tasty scabies for ya

Scabies are tiny little microscopic 8-legged mother fuckers that get onto your skin, burrow themselves in, and then lay eggs. And then they feed on your skin. Let that sink in. Like these tiny little spider mites sink in to your skin.

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I am sorry but here is another

If you are from New Jersey, I highly advise staying away from any sort of nursing home, hospital, prison etc., if you can avoid it. The symptoms are pimple like things that end up being dry and gross and ugh I hate even thinking about it because it’s so fucking nasty. The bugs transfer from person to person from contact or getting it from an infested couch….if you think you might contract Scabies by doing something, just assume that you can get scabies that way.

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All that shit is just so disgusting to me I can’t get over it. The heeby-jeebies doesn’t describe how much you should get freaked out by Scabies. Just for reference, I’ve compiled a list of things that I’d rather have happen to me than contract Scabies:

  • Contract Fleas
  • Get hit with a skunk’s spray
  • Swim through a sewer
  • Get punched in the face every day by Mike Tyson
  • Pour bleach into my ear canal’s
  • Snort Diarrhea
  • Dip my balls in a piranha tank
  • Put battery acid in my eyes like eye drops
  • Bathe in Vomit every morning for the rest of my life

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