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Ex-Spring Lake Heights Councilmen Charged in $6 Million Fraud Case, Immediately Resigns For Totally Unrelated Reasons.

On March 28, 2019, Spring Lake Heights Councilman Richard T. Diver announced that he’d be resigning from the council and would not be seeking re-election of his seat, citing “health issues” as the cause. The council spokesperson has re-affirmed that Diver’s resignation was definitely due to health concerns. 100%. It has absolutely nothing to do with Diver’s arrest that happened on the exact same day. What a co-inky-dink. Talk about having a bad day—finding out you are facing a civil suit for more than 5 million dollars from the SEC, being arrested on  federal criminal charges by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, AND receiving personal health news that is so concerning that one must resign from their government position. Unless he was lying about the health issues? Damn, I thought politicians always told the truth. I mean, you expect that kind of deception from lawyers or priests or people under oath, but politicians? Come on man.

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This is him, I stated.

Honestly, this not fake news puts some of the Countries most honest political leaders into perspective. Were any of our most “honest” presidents as sincere as we really thought? Is Trump the champion of the truth like everyone has always 100% agreed that he is?

In 2011, Diver started started stealing money from M&R Capital Management—of which he co-founded and served as COO. Diver had set up the companies payment and bankroll system using a separate third party wiring company. Long story short: Diver told the 3rd party wiring company that his agreed upon salary was much higher than it actually was. Diver’s annual  salary was $350,000 (no wonder he stole money…how the hell was he surviving off of 350k? His poor kids probably had to grow up CHOOSING between surf or turf, always looking over the fence (tracks) at the children who were so accustomed to ordering market price surf and turf, they stopped finishing their meals just because they were bored with it (kids from Spring Lake…kidding! Not.).

Long story short , Diver was in charge of the bankrolling system of company and really didn’t answer to anyone and so he basically told the 3rd party company that his salary was actually $650,00 more (a million in total). This is a funny little tidbit: the SEC mentioned that the 3rd party bankrolling company was not at fault for wiring millions to driver’s personal accounts as they had no reason to believe he was being deceitful. Was there ever even a chance that the 3rd party could have bore some of the blame for basically following their bosses instructions? That cannot possibly fall on them in any situation. Jeez SEC.

But to be honest, I have to remember where my loyalties lie. I used to be a valet at the Bath and Tennis Club in Spring Lake of which Mr. Diver is a member. Or was a member. Not sure what he uses to pay for that membership or what the deal is with that but I guess we shall see. Anyway, every-time Mr. Diver came into the club he would give us a $20 tip for bringing his car around—much more than the average $2-5 tip. Was it dirty money? Maybe. But I prefer not to think of Mr. Diver as the thief the SEC says he is, but rather a robin hood: stealing from the rich and giving to the poor valet’s over at the B&T. I’ve always wondered why he gave us a $20 whenever he saw us…now I know: he didn’t care! They weren’t his 20’s to begin with.

To be honest with you, I am a little troubled with Spring Lake Heights’s city council. A few months ago, a different council member was arrested for possession of cocaine. Now, Diver gets arrested. The fuck is going on over there? Lastly, I am kind of upset that the spokesman of the city council so vehemiently backed up Mr. Diver’s statement that he’s resigning for health reasons. I know that one wants to stay loyal and that the council would probably prefer to stya in the dark about the whoel situation, but really?!?!? Everyone knows that Diver’s resignation isnt just fucking timing. It’s so obvious. Can’t the guy just be honest and say that he knows that Diver was charged but that they’re just going to stick with what Diver said as they have no place getting involved in his personal life? Have a little respect.

Governments would work so much better if would be so much easier if Politicians always told the truth. To close, here are some of the most honest politicans to have ever lived:

George Washington–

GW famously responded, “I cannot tell a lie, Pa,” when his Dad asked about the cherry tree. Washington’s reputation for honesty still lives today. But Washington was actually a bit of a dirty little lying slut. First of all, the entire Cherry Tree story is a myth. Total and complete lie with almost pathological status. Imagine you lie to your friend about how you never lie. And to backup your lie, you lie again about the earliest time you could recall having the the opportunity to to lie or do the right thing and you chose to tell truth because you, “cannot tell a lie,” which then affected you so much that you have become physically unable to lie in every other opportunity since that for the rest of your life. That is not only an incredible amount of dishonest honesty, but it’s like the most believable story ever.

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Also, GW didn’t actually have wooden teeth! He had normal chompers. But wooden teeth really doesn’t look as strange as I thought it would.

Honest Abe

Abraham lincoln famously tried to murder his son as a sacrifice to God. Thankfully God stopped him before he was a able to stab the little prick. I’ve always wondered what Abraham told Isaac to get him up the mountain.

Isaac: “why are we going to the top of Mount Moriah?”

Abraham: “Get a lil exercise! See the view! Duh!”

Joking aside, history will tell you that Abe was an insanely progressive thinker for his time. But if we were to pluck him from history and have a conversation with him now, many believe that he might say some derogatory or prejudicial things. You’ve heard people explain that their grandparents grew up in “a different time” when they say something a tad racist. That’s basically what would happen with Lincoln. So basically Lincoln was racist.

Benedict Arnold

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Contrary to popular belief, Benedict Arnold did NOT create the dish that’s delish Eggs Benedict. But otherwise, he didn’t do anything all that deceitful or treasonous.


Feared fire. Not fear itself. Liar. Fireside chats make much more sense now. Also, FDR could walk.

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I mean, it took everything in him and he had to waste all of his energy, but he for sure could walk when he really tried.

Dick Nixon—

Google pictures of Dick really fast. Stare at Dick. Really study Dick. You just know that what is coming out of the head of dick may not be pretty, but it’s definitely fervent.

Bill Clinton–


Donald Trump—

The man that exposed and continues to expose #FakeNews all over the world? You just know this man is all about journalistic, integral truth. It’s not his fault that everything that Sarah Huckabee’s team of slave interns identify as Fake news tend to be damning to Trump, and everything that seemingly works in Trump’s favor is str8 fax.

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