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Idiots Criticizing Sunday’s Episode of Game of Thrones’ for Lacking Action Will Look Stupid Next Sunday

It’s reasonable to assume that the people that think the most recent episode of Game of Thrones was boring are the same people that would rather watch movies starring Dwayne the Rock Johnson instead of Daniel Day Lewis.

A lot of GOT fans are upset about the last episode. The reason being is that it seemed like not a lot happened in the episode. At this point in the story-line, most of the characters—all of the good ones at least—are at Winterfell waiting to do their part in a fight for world survival against the army of of the dead.

­Think about the end of your favorite shows: The Office, Seinfeld, The Sopranos, How I Met Your Mother, etc. Each of them serves as a way to say goodbye, both from character’s to the audience, and the audience to the characters. Our brains often mis-register characters from our favorite TV shows as real people—the affection we feel for them is the same you would for your real friends. So, when saying goodbye to character it feels as if we are saying goodbye to our real friends. So shows will have the characters sort of sit around and reflect on how long they’ve come, all the things they’ve done together, all the things you might have forgotten about, and how strong each of their bonds have become. These episodes always gives us the feels.

Which show’s finale had them sitting in a room doing nothing but talking?
A) The Office
B) Seinfeld
C) Friends
D) All of them
E) Fuck off–it’s more complicated than that.

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The correct answer is actually D! E is also right but If you picked E, you care too much about sitcoms. And are wrong because of that. So E is actually wrong.

Being the groundbreaking show that often defies conventional character story-lines and conflict development, GoT almost definitely won’t end with a collection of characters sitting around and saying goodbye to each other. First of all, for that to happen, the good guys would have to win the war—which might not even happen. Honestly, the reality of the antagonist winning has never been something I’ve ever really considered until Thanos defeated the Avengers and murdered half of the people on Earth. And then I started to worry about the possibility of the Night King wining since Goerge RR Martin is no stranger to killing fan favorites by fan least-favorites. Even if it does happen, the finale would certainly would not be the cliche “goodbye” from the main characters just in a room.

Secondly, most if not all of the main characters would have to survive the battle—which almost t definitely wouldn’t happen. I think most GoT fans thing would honestly be more pissed if all of the like able main characters survived the battle because it would just be in so not GoT fashion. But then again, not doing what the audience expects/wants is in fact being in GoT fashion so maybe it will happen? That probably won’t happen…in all likelihood, everyone’s going to die and we’ll be left with a select few that will serve as the king’s counsel to rule a new age of the 7 Kingdoms. But then again, “What is dead may never die,” so maybe there is no defeating the night king? I’m going to shut-up with these bad thoughts now.

Since the main characters don’t know who will live to see the following night–and since the audience doesn’t know who will live to be seen in Episode 4, last Sunday’s episode gave us the tearful goodbye we can’t get as the finale. Kinda makes you think that there has to be some foreshadowing about who will die in the following episode…makes you think that the people that die in the battle of winterfell must have gotten a specific goodbye in Episode 2. Yeah I am re-watching literally right now. Not even kidding this blog is about to be done. I am going to take damn notes this time around.

By the way, at least in GoT we will fucking know when the characters are kaput, unlike in the Sopranos when Tony gets shot in the heat, portrayed simply by a black screen and gunshot that interrupts him mid scene.

This comment is funny as hell:

RIP Tony. Also RIP James Gandolfini….don’t know if both character and actor deserve a RIP but whatever.

UPDATE: I am just going to make a quick guess as a prediction so I have written, published proof of said prediction in case I’m right: I think that either everyone in the crypts, or everyone in that room with Tyrion, dies. I both hope I am right and hope I am wrong. I don’t want my characters to die but I loooooove saying I told you so.

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