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LeSean McCoy is A PRICK for Spoiling Avengers: Endgame on Twitter and Everyone Agrees (No Spoilers).

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12 hours after Avengers: Endgame officially dropped in theaters everywhere, LeSean McCoy went on a twitter rampage where he spoiled the ending to one of the most anticipated movies of the last decade. Personally, I don’t even think that movie reviews should include spoilers. But they do, and in today’s day and age, most—if not all—will include a warning in the title or very beginning of their article.

But to do what LeSean did…it’s just uncalled for. There is no way to collect more hate than to spoil the movie. I really am sorry for all of the people that follow LeSean on twitter who stumbled upon the ending of the movie franchise. I am honestly thankful that I don’t follow LeSean on twitter…I can’t imagine just scrolling through and seeing a tweet from him and fucking ruining my day.

Frankly, I haven’t done a lot of research on this developing story, which is why I’m not including any of LeSean’s tweets, or reports, because I don’t want to spoil then movie for myself or for you. But from what I have read, LeSean McCoy had misspelled certain Avengers names to ensure that people would see his tweet. Twitter has a user service where users can hide/mute certain words so that they do not see any tweets including the word, to avoid anything about the subject.  Because LeSean misspelled a certain hero’s name, his tweet would still appear in timelines of those that that muted the hero’s name.

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