MONMOUTH COUNTY: Lake Como Man Arrested for Selling Virtually Every Drug Known to Man.

Preston Dodge of Lake Como, 46, was arrested by Belmar Police in his Belmont Avenue home after executing a search warrant on drug suspicions.  Preston was arrested on April 18th with one of the largest variety of drug selections you’ve ever seen.

Everyday you read about these massive drug busts that happen. “17 pounds of marijuana confiscated by Jersey City Police,” or “1 Metric Ton of MDMA seized at Coachella,” or how about, “NJ State Police  impound Kevin James’s weight worth of Heroine.”

You always read about these dealers who push massive amounts of narcotics worth of ONE single drug (Now drug dealers are even specializing in mass production and distribution of a single market product—just like our corporations. Thanks, capitalism). In today’s day and age, dealer’s like Preston Dodge are myths that are only found in movies. Seriously, you just can’t get this kind of variety from your friendly neighborhood narcotic-man.

Dodge was arrested on 19 different drug related charges. The high number of charges comes from the massive variety of drugs you could buy from this man. Here are a few of the charges listed by the Belmar police:

distribution of crystal methamphetamine over 1/2 ounce,
distribution of crack cocaine over 1/2 ounce,
distribution of cbd oils over an ounce,
distribution of Xanax,
distribution of marijuana over 50 grams,
possession of anabolic steroids,
possession of suboxone,
possession of hypodermic needles, possession of drug paraphernalia,
being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.
All of which, “occurred within a school zone and Dodge was charged accordingly with those offenses as well.”

This man’s selection was like a damn candy shop. You can’t even find a selection like that from the biggest of crime groups. Even the cartels that Walter White had business relations with didn’t pay attention to any other drugs other than meth.

Haven’t seen this is in so long…guy is an awful singer looking back.

To be clear, I don’t want this blog to come off as if I am praising this man. Not at all. I commend the Belmar police for getting this man off the streets…I mean out of his house. Whatever. But for real, I’m glad this hard-drug dealer—who lives less than a mile away from me—isn’t going to be able to add to the drug epidemic that isn’t just happening in our country, not just in our state, or even our county, but our local downs. No longer will sketchy people be dealing and wheeling within hundreds of feet of children in the school zone. All drug related deaths are preventable. No lives should be lost due to drug use, especially not at the jersey shore.

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