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16 Celebrities That are Complete Weirdos Behind Closed Doors

Tom Hardy

Many actors often take roles where their character’s personality is similar to their own because who could do it better than someone who already has the character down? For example, Ryan Reynolds is always playing a snarky, sarcastic, quick witted, yet ultimately kind hearted person in his films. Though I don’t know if Ryan Reynolds has a kind heart in real life (he could kill puppies in his free time for all I know), it’s well known from his public appearances that he is quite the witty jokester, just like his characters.

With that in mind, Tom Hardy is always playing an insane person with some serious mental shit going on, or a murderer with dark demons and darker intentions. Like it’s always one of those two. It’s never a comedy. At what point do we as fans reach out and ask if he’s okay?



Related image

If SIA doesn’t scare you, you’re lying. That haircut is so fucking weird and the hiding of the eyes makes me think she does that because she does freaky shit to her eyes in her free time. I bet she has them tattooed black or something. 


Kit Harrington

Theres just always weird ass stories and weird shit going on with him. Like I heard he cried over the final reading of the GoT script when he learned of his character Jon Snow’s fate. Guy must listen Hello by Marvin Gaye and bawl his eyes out while looking at pictures of penguins.


Jim Carrey

Watch Jim and Andy on Netflix. Jim Carrey used method acting to portray Andy Kauffman in the movie “man on the moon.” Method acting is that kind of acting where the actor stays in character throughout all of filming. And Jim Carrey basically lost his mind and thought he was Andy Kauffman. Isn’t that the point though? Aren’t the best liars the people that believe their own lies? A lairs objective is to get someone to believe their lie. An actors job is to get you to believe they are actually the character. Wouldn’t if so facto transit property or Pythagorean theorem or whatever lesson from 8th grade I was too stupid to understand dictate that the best actors are the ones that believe they truly are the characters? 

Lol the answer is yes. I just wikipedia’d method acting and like all the best Oscar-types are method actors. Probs why Jim Carrey got an Oscar nom for his portrayal. 

Also Jim Carrey said this in an interview:


Ariana Grande

Grande acts like such a fuckign baby all the time. Like literally and figuratively. She throws temper tantrums and has very public breakups while literally making baby voices and shit. I have to believe that the schtick isn’t entirely for show. She definitely still eats babyhood and drinks out of a soppy cup. But then again, same. 

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Jared Leto 

Just an absolute whack job that doesn’t know what style, if any, works for him.


Rami Malek 

Why doesn’t he blink?


Miranda Cosgrove

Image result for miranda cosgrove awkward

This is by far the celebrity I am most confident is a weirdo behind closed doors. Miranda grew up a nickelodeon star. She was in the spotlight for her entire childhood, and her life could have gone one of two ways: the first and most common path taken by child stars is the one of partying and eventually fizzling out and becoming highkey whack jobs but in the sad sense (as opposed to bee ing a whack job in the lighthearted sense like everyone in this blog).

  • Lindsey Lohan
  • Micauley Caulkin 
  • Amanda Bynes
  • Demi Lovato
  • Mitchell Musso
  • Shia Lebouf

Obviously, Cosgrove went down the other path—the the scandal-less, not scandalous—path. So instead of partying, Cosgrove was being homeschooled or staying in on the weekends and working on her knitting or learning to play the flugelhorn during her free time. Nerd. 


Joaquin Phoenix 

Phoenix is on this list for the same reason as Tom Hardy, he is always playing characters with some seriously weird ass shit going on. 


Owen Wilson

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When Owen Wilson looks in the mirror, he sees a brutally bad, blindingly blonde,  1970s haircut covering his head. He sees a nose that is so blatantly fucked up that anyone with eyes can see that it’s more bent than Clay Aiken. 


Tom Brady 

I know he is the greatest quarterback of all time. And obviously, whatever weird ass shit he’s doing is working for him. But have you read his book? Me neither but I know that he admits to doing some bizarre stuff in it. Like instead of wearing sunscreen he drinks a couple of gallons of water and says that it guards him from the suns harmful rays better than sunscreen.

Image result for tom brady kiss son gif

Also he kissed his son on the lips and the kid is too old to be kissing his dad on the lips, especially while TB12 is being massaged by that guy Alex Guerrero that he’s suspiciously close with. 


Taylor Swift

Self explanatory.


Daniel Day lewis

D-Day Lewis keeps his personal life so private that the most famous thing about Lewis’s private life is how little people know about it. We literally know fucking nothing about the guy besides the fact that we know nothing. Lewis is a method actor too, so the people that work with him only interact with him while he isn’t himself but is in character. One must wonder if he method acts so that he does not have to reveal anything to anyone. 

Image result for daniel day lewis



Timothee Chalamet

First Hardy, then Phoenix, now Timothy Chalamet. Timmy hasn’t been in the spotlight long, but in the 5ish films he has starred in so far, he’s played a troubled teenager whose going through some shit. Gotta think that Timmy identifies with these characters because he actually is a trouble teen going through some shit. So weird too because being a teenager is historically so not-troubling for like everyone ever!

(Spells his name wrong too).


Shia Lebouf 

Just googling pictures of Shia tells you all the weirdness you need to know:


Christian Bale 

Remember when Bale flipped a shit on one of the Janitors working on the set of terminator? Bale’s entire personal life must consist of him constantly being in anger management rehabs. I imagine he walks out fo the clinic thinking he i a new person and has all sorts of calming exercises standing by in case he feels himself getting mad and then flipping a shit about something on his way from the rehab entrance to his car and then getting even madder because “the clinic didn’t do bloody fuck-all” and then he turns around towards the entrance of the clinic just screaming and going bezerk all the way to the front desk where he suddenly switches to a normal, calm voice and says to the receptionist, “hi I’d like to check myself back in please?”

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