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The Fastest Knockout Ever happened tonight and the record won’t be broken again probably ever

Took all of 5 seconds:

The fastest knockout ever recorded in UFC history happened tonight when Jorge Masvidal sprinted out of the gates at Ben Askren and knee’d him in the face, knocking him tf out. 

This was his celebration. I mean wow:

The knockout record before this belonged to Duane Ludwig who once knocked an opponent out in 6 seconds. However, That six second knockout was actually unofficial up until 2011 because MMA was all underground and illegal and shit for a while so it wasn’t until 2011 that President Dana White made it official. 

He is the guy in the top thumbnail

How the hell is someone going to break a knockout  record of 5 seconds ? There is just no way there is going time for a strike to occur, and consequentially the referee to get over there and see if the guy is conscious. The guy would literally have to be visibly be knocked out on initial contact and the ref subsequently would have to call a KO right then and there. 

People are loving and hating the outcome of this fight. Apparently the guy that got knocked out is in the hospital. If that wasn’t already obvious.

Apparently Ben was talking smack before the fight, but I thought both fighters were doing their fair share of smack talk. But I may be wrong.

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