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The Office’s Jim Halpert is One of the Most Beloved Sitcom Characters of All Time; He’s also quietly One of the Most Hated.

Everyone in the world is familiar with NBC’s hit sitcom, The Office. Even the Amish have heard of it and they don’t use electricity. They probably don’t even know that an Office is and they still know the show! And you can’t have a conversation about the office without discussing the famous and beloved major characters. If you we’re to argue what characters were the the 5 most liked sitcom characters ever, you’d be hard pressed finding someone that wouldn’t include Jim in the discussion (that’s seen the show of course)…. Or would you?

He may not be the man you think he is:

Ah Jim Halpert….tall, queer, handsome as ever. Known for his quick wit, creative pranks, and seemingly limitless love for co-worker Pam, guys love him because he plays the funny but average guy that everyone loves, women love him for doing things that always make them say, “awwwwwwwww” whenever they think of Jim’s unwavering affection for his lover and best friend. Guys want to be him. Ladies want him. When I was on Tinder in college, one of the cliche tinder-bios that my fellow co-eds would write was, “Just looking for my Jim halpert,” or “looking for the Jim to my Pam.” Honestly, you’d see the bio so fucking much it sickened me how unoriginal these girls were.But then again, maybe the metaphor just perfectly described what they were looking for. But if that was the case, why did so many of my friends have so many one night stands with the Pam’s searching for their Jims? More like a meredith looking for her Danny Cordray or a Dwight looking for his Amazon.

Theoffice GIF

I’ve rewatched every season of the office a few times–maybe 4 or 5. After that it got to the point where I’d say “ugh no” everytime I scrolled through an episode so I stopped. But I’ll still watch anytime it’s on TV…there is something about not having to select an episode and randomly catching it when it airs–especially since it doesn’t air that much anymore which I would argue is because syndication is expensive because of it’s unprecedented popularity).

I liked Jim Halpert okay the first time. I mean pobody’s nerfect but I definitely thought his pranks on Dwight we’re funny and creative people like him because he is one of the only characters that isn’t bizarrely unique so he is one of the few rational people and one of the few relatable people. Jim liked sports, complained about work, enjoyed hanging with friends–he’s just in my demographic.

Just a suburban-America, average guy with an above average haircut:

I mean, he must have gotten that hair cut by an artist. Maybe Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder, though they usually create a different kind of art. It kinda looks like the work of Helen Keller. Or maybe it was cut by someone who had some sort of brain disorder where they cannot distinguish the difference between the aesthetically pleasing and the repugnant. Like I’m picturing a person with Savant Syndrome (which is a condition in which someone with significant mental disabilities demonstrates certain abilities far in excess of average, usually related to memory–according to Wikipedia) But instead of having one of typical abilities like rapid calculation, musical, map-making, or artistic ability, the person that cut Jim’s hair doesn’t have any useful ability but is incredible at giving uniquely horrendous haircuts that those with normal brain ability can’t come close to giving as bad of a haircut. Sorry for going down this rabbit hole.


Anyway, One fateful wintery night, my dad and I were watching The Office after dinner. . I don’t think either of us were really paying attention. My dad was doxing in and out while I scrolled through insta. I falh-heardJim make some sort of sarcastic remark or whatever when my dad blurted out, “What an ASSHOLE!” Scared the shit out of me.

You have to really feel hatred towards a TV character to pull off an undertaker-gif and revive yourself just to say why you hate said TV character:

At that point I had watched the show in full before and considered myself an office-ianado so I just thought Dad was making a fast judgement or mis-assed Jim. (tbh I wasn’t an aficionado and I knew that but damn was that some wordplay. Like I was an aficionado on aficionado wordplay).

Obviously I made him explain, especially since my Dad has been known to make statements about things without really knowing enough on the subject to say anything. Like I could see him saying something like, “Iceberge lettuce isn’t good for you,” and his explanation would be , “I dont know I heard that somewhere or read something about it once.” When the reality is that maybe Iceberg lettuce isn’t good for you in that it doesnt provide essential nutrients and vitamins and minerals and shit but the reality is it isn’t bad for you in the slightest it just isn’t good or bad for you… it’s not unhealthy but not healthy. He’d be kind of right and kind of wrong.

So I asked him to explain. And he exploded with passion as if he’d decided he hated Jim long ago and prepared for years for anyone ever to ask him if he liked Jim Halpert . I mean the man knew what he was going to say and he had a fire in his voice like a polarizing political leader. It was fucking bizzarre. Here’s the convo:

Me: “Wait why do you not like Jim?”

Dad: “The guy is just so smug…he never takes others seriusly and he always thinks his opinion is right and has all the answers. He also thinks he is so much better than everyone else in the office. I don’t know…he can just sits around and snickers at these people he thinks are weird and below him. I get why it’s funny when he pranks dwight and it’s funny to see him overreact, but it’s just mean spirited. I mean, yeah Dwight shouldnt get as upset as he does and probably wouldnt be pranked anymore if he cared less, but he’s actively doing something that he knows will upset someone else because he thinks their torment is funny?

Imagine walking into work and learning that your desk and all your belongings had been moved to the bathroom for no reason at all. First of all, that’s disgusting and downright mean. Second of all, anyone in the world would mad if for literally no reason at all, you now have to move your desk and all your belongings out of the bathroom and back to their spot–by yourself mind you– instead of being able to do your work? He gets a call when he’s in the bathroom though it’s Jim, he probably thinks it’s a customer so he’s going to take the call. So now he either spends time not working and getting behind, or he works next to piss and smelly shit all day. That’s just what a bully would do.

There are a couple of other ones that made me mad… how ’bout when Jim just put his desk on top of dwight’s and refused to move? That is classic middle school bully shit.

Or how about when Jim decided to dress like Dwight and start making fun of him with an impersonation? How would you feel if you went to class one day and and then someone dressed exactly like you, styled their hair the way you do, and talked like you while everyone around laughed at this guy making fun of you. You’d feel like shit because you’d think, what’s so funny about how I dress or the way I look or how I talk? That has to feel like a punch in the stomach.

Or how about when Jim notes that it’s sowing outside, and Dwight it isn’t snoing because it’s so light. So what does Jim do? Goes outside and gets a snowball, walks back in, and from 5 feet away he beams Dwight smack in the fast while he isn’t looking.

Breakdown: Dwight says a rude remark, Jim does something uncalled for and hits Dwight with snowball yelling out “Hey Dwight!” to get the attention of he whole office, everyone in the office laughs, others join in the teasing–Phyllis calls him a baby and Stanley calls him a little girl–Dwight loooks around the room and you can literally see the embarrassment on his face. Even Pam makes a face where she looks disapproving of her husband’s actions. Dwight understandably wants an apology and Jim refuses. Dwight insists on an apology and again–he literally is trying to resolve the situation even though he isn’t in the wrong because of how embarrassed he feels. Jim refuses again. (Rest of episode: Upset and embarrassed, Dwight challenges Jim to a snowball to defend his honor. Dwight was publicly humiliated, and made sure that Jim will think twice before doing something like that ever again)

I mean, that’s literally a fireable offense. Hitting someone with a snowball without them knowing–without their consent as one would when partaking in a snowball fight– then Dwight could have not only gotten Jim canned, but he could have pressed charges and sued DunderMifflin. Now he is jeopardizing the company. If your so above working somewhere, why are you doing something that would jeopardize your ability to ever get hired in another office setting ever again? You know what that says to me: that says they don’t know how to comport themselves professionally in an office setting–meaning not only is he NOT above working there, but he is lucky to have been hired because I’m sure he wouldn’t have been hired had they known of all the potential complications of his antics and obvious lack of experience. And even if you haven’t worked in an office before, it’s not like you’d be allowed to beam someone with a snowball in a restaurant or construction site or ANY damn business for that matter. I’d argue anyone that would dumb enough to do that at work has major deficiencies when making judgements. I guess that would make sense though since he is so wrong in thinking he is so above everyone else that works there. Maybe I don’t know enough…does he move up in the world in the end?”

Sean: “I’m sorry could you repeat that I wasn’t listening.”

Dad: “Ha.”

Sean: “Well he ends up being manager, but then he’s demoted, and then he tries to start a sports agency, but work their family begins to suffer so he takes his old job back at DunderMifflin (now Sabre) so he’s close to home.”

Dad: “So he never went on to do bigger and better things like he always said he would when he’d talk about his future at the company. He hasn’t progressed at all, the same spot as the day he was first hired. Not so much higher above than your coworkers huh dickbag?”

Sean: Oh my gosh! Not only that, a bunch of his coworkers go on to be way more successful than him! Dwight ends as manager, Darrell becomes this big shot sports agent that is paid to travel the country, Andy is invited to be the commencement speaker for the graduating Class at Cornell and does so well and is so inspiring that Cornell offers him a job in Admissions (and he is super content with his life), Oscar is running for State Supreme Court, and even Kevin owns his own successful bar.

His answer was honestly surprising. Not only because I thought he was dozing off and then explosively laid out a dissertation, but also because he had a point. Everytime I re-binged the show, I noticed how much of a prick he was more and more. And I genuinely tried not to. Of course I was hypersensitive to anything that could be interpreted as assholic, but eventually I just couldn’t stand him. And honestly, every single episode he acts like a smart ass. It isn’t one comment, it’s like all the fucking time.

I don’t know the exact scene or situation this gif is from, but there is something about people that use such overt fake enthusiasm to express their dissatisfaction about something that is so unlikeable. AND GUESS WHO IS PUMPED TO BE THE LUCKY PERSON TO WRITE A BLOG ABOUT A LOVEABLE TV CHARACTER THAT USES FAKE ENTHUSIASM?!?!?!?!?

While what is written in bold above may seem like a self deprecating joke since I just said fake enthusiasm is very unlikeable, it isn’t. I was actually excited to write this blog. That’s how much of a Halpert-Hater I am. If you look up impossible in the dictionary, the example of the word being used in a sentence is: “Unlike Jim Halpert, it’s impossible to find Sean McNamara unlikeable.”

And so I thought, if my Dad and I are idiots and are interpreting Halper as Jimmy Jackoff, there are probably other people who also care way too much that Jim sucks. I’m a member of a Facebook Group called, “For Polling Purposes.” If you are looking to learn some info or see what popular opinion regarding pretty much anything you can think of or if you just enjoy taking polls, I highly recommend you join the group (it’s closely moderated as well so you don’y have to worry about a-holes posting stuff that’s racist, disgusting, judgemental, etc.) Anyway, I decided to toss up a poll and find out if any of them would consider Jim a bully:

People overwhelmingly agreed that if they were i Dwight’s position, they’d feel bullied by Jim. However, they believe that Dwight doesn’t think he’s being bullied. The question becomes, is it okay for Jim to bully Dwight if Dwight not only is unaware that he’s being bullied, but would vehemiently diasgree (as it was go against his own views of himself)?

Well duh, it’s still wrong. Haven’t you ever seen a movie where the cool kids pretend to be friends with someone only to make fun of them behind their back? They don’t realize their being bullied despite the fact that they are (it’s also kind of crazy to think that in this situatiion, being bullied by the popular kids actually makes them happier than they would be if they weren’t bullied. Think about it: if the victim never found out that his or her’s popular friends pretended to be the victim’s friend for their on caddy fucked-up reasons, wouldn’t the victim be happy thinking they have a large group of friends and thinking they are part of the popular crowd?

I’d argue it’s still wrong despite the fact that this is the one and only situation ever where bullying makes the victim feel better about themselves. But the reason I say this is still wrong is because the ruse cannot go on forever. They could retend for years to be friends, but ultimately it has to end in serious pain for the victim. Something would ultimately happen where the victim needs help or reaches out for help or asks to confide in someone or for a an important favor, etc., and none of their fake popular friends will be there for them like any real friend would. It’d probbaly happen a bunch of times until finally they realize that their “friends” seemingly have no regard for their feelings or needs. And when that realization finally happens, it’ll shatter them because they thought that they were close with these people and that they cared for them. And then they’d lose these people they cared for–that they though felt the same about them–from their lives and they’ll probably even miss them despite the fact they know they never gave a shit about them the entire time. How painfully traumatic this would be for them just simply not worth the victim feeling happier as one of the cool kids for a little while.

So yeah Jim’s a Bully even though Dwight doesn’t know it. The oppressed don’t usually know they’re oppressed and it’s still wrong to oppress. Just because A person in an abusive relationship that doesn’t know it and doesn’t think they’re being abused doesn’t mean it;s okay that the abuser abuses the abused, abusively.

And Eureka! There’s actually a huge portion of fanse that are really turned off by Jim…so turned off that they too find themselves unable to jack-off to the Halper Hysteria, evident in these polls:

Notice how the search doesn’t say Jim Halpert sucks, or “I cant stand Jim Halpert.” All that was searched was “Jim Halpert unpopular opinion.” I expected to get a lot of results about liking his haircut or not liking Jim and Pam’s relationship or something about Jim’s relationship with Karen Filippelli. Not two straight pages of results of people hating his character. .

I think that Jim gets so much love because of how sweet he acts towards Pam. I hate the fucker and even I think he says some sweet ass shit that is like super lovey dovey without being gross or cliche.

Image result for jim plan a was marrying her

Girls always go for the bad guy 🙁 ….And what girl doesn’t want a bad boy that treats everyone except her like pond scum. They like the idea that they love them so much that they would never act the way they do with everyone else. They want a man to treat them like a queen. Nice guys finish last. Just ask Lance Armstrong, who is like the least nice guy on the planet (he literally ruined the lives of people that came out with accusations of him doping).Wonder what it felt like to be the guy who came in 2nd from each of the 7 Tour de France’s that armstrong won. Must have been a fun day when they found out they won the Tour de France and that Lance was stripped of his wins. Maybe all of Lances fake Tour de France wins were about that lil nursery rhyme everyone knew as kids:

1st is the worst, 2nd is the best, 3rd is Jim Halpert

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