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America’s (most overrated) Team

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Sports commentators have been saying that the Cowboys are one of the best teams in the league. I bet many of them would say they’ll be in the NFC championship game. By the way, if you predict that the NFC championship will be Dallas against the Rams, I’d really love to know how your life has been just knowing barely enough to get by….do you feel like you’re treading water? Let me know in the comments!

The Dallas Cowboys are 3-0. And people are very…VERY quick to say that they are one of the best teams in the league because they have handled their competition pretty easily. None of their games ended with a close score. Wow, they must be so good. Must be very good teams they beat for people to be suckin’ their dicks the way they are.

Wow, they beat the Dominant Dolphins? The Ridiculous Redskins? The Bodacious Broncos? Wow! They must be so good!

The Cowboys have beaten 3 of the worst teams in the league. I mean the dolphins are without question the worst team and the redskins might be a close second. And the Broncos may not be on the level of awful as the skins or Dolphins, but they are sure as hell in the bottom 5 worst teams.

I love hearing people say that “The Cowboys Defense looks good.” The cowboys have literally never had a good defense. Sure, they have had a few star players on their d-squad throughout the years, but the Cowboys have never subscribed to the “defense-wins-games” motto in the Jerry Jones’ puppet era. Excuse me, the Jason Garret era.

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Wow, those are some tough offenses to face. I mean, how the hell do you stop the Case Keenum Craze? Joe Flacco–how do you defend someone who is 6’5” and can’t hit water if he fell out of a boat? Everyone knows that when it comes to the dolphins, you cannot stop them, but only hope to contain them.

The UCF football team is like the Dallas Cowboys. UCF went undefeated over their last 2 seasons, having won 25 straight games. After each season, they’ve complained to the FBS and NCAA and pretty much all of America that they weren’t given a shot at the National Championship. And their complaint was kind-of valid, considering most teams that go undefeated on the season usually are ranked #1 or #2 and are given a chance at the national title. But this season they actually scheduled some relatively decent teams because they want to silence the haters and show everyone that they deserve to be taken seriously and deserve to be considered for a playoff spot to contend for the national championship. Yet, the Pitt Panthers really shut them the fuck up and did what everyone already knew: exposed UCF for what they really are.

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Let’s see how the cowboys do against a good team and see if they’ll be exposed as well… ¾ of the next games include the Saints, Eagles, and packers…all of which have relatively reputable offenses and defenses. Let’s see if America’s team still feels the same way about their team a few weeks from now.

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