Charges dropped: lab test proves man was wrongfully accused of drug trafficking after police mistook powdered milk for cocaine

Cody Gregg is a homeless man who was arrested in August, 2019 for drug trafficking.
A police officer lawfully searched through Cody’s bag and found a bag filled with a white powdery substance that he believed to be cocaine. According to a probable cause affidavit, the 45.91 grams of powder later tested positive for cocaine.

Whoa, is that real liquid cocaine next to that bowl of powdered milk?

Unless you’re in a bakery, anytime you find a clear bag filled with white powder, your mind immediately thinks of cocaine. I don’t care if you find the bag at your grandmother who has never had so much as a sip of alcohol’s house—in that moment, you’re going to think twice about all those times Grandma said she was going to the bathroom to “powder her nose.”
So yes, if you were a cop, you’d probably take someone down to the precinct if you found a white powder in a bag as well. And honestly, you can understand why the cop still brought the guy into the station with suspicions of trafficking of Columbian bam-bam because it’s hard to believe that a sketchy random Ziplock of powder found in a backpack is anything but cocaine. It’s like if you went through a friend’s bag and found a ziplock filled with marijuana and your friend claims it’s oregano but it turns out that it’s oregano even though that has never happened in the history of the world. Like, there is no way that’s oregano in that bag. Plus, powdered milk is so rare that it’s too uncommon for someone to think up that lie on the spot. Who even drinks powdered milk, where does it come from? Powdered cows?
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Corey, a 29 homeless man, was officially charged once the test confirmed that the substance was coke and was put in county prison with a $50,000 bail. When Corey found out that the powder tested positively for coke, he pled guilty and was facing 15 years of prison. However, the coke was tested elsewhere and was found to be powdered milk. Corey switched his plea to not guilty. When the judge asked why he initially plead guilty, he said that conditions in the Oklahoma county prison were insanely bad. And since the initial lab test said the powder was positive for coke, the odds were in his favor. So he thought that pleading guilty would get him out of County prison much faster.

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Think about that for a second. This is an innocent man that was willing to prison for 15 years rather than a few more months in the county prison for duration of the trial because County was so bad and he didn’t know anyone that had 50 grand to spare (because everyone knows that the homeless have famously rich friends that can bail them out). On top of that, this is a man that was being offered a bed to sleep in, a toilet to pee or make wine in (FYI: it’s not white wine!), 3 guaranteed meals, some sort of healthcare, access to showers, and clothing to wear—yet he’d rather live on the streets. All because the Oklahoma county prison blows more than Corey ever did.

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The conditions of the Oklahoma Prison have been described as being “plagued” with overcrowding, chronic mold, and a high rate of suicide. Additionally, “experts” claim that the prison’s building design breeds violence. Apparently, the way it is set up makes it difficult for guards to see into holdings. This has allowed prisoners to use parts of the ceiling to create weapons. Yeah, that’s a bit different than one of those country club prisons. Most prisons wouldn’t dare to give their inmates anything that could be used as a weapon, meanwhile, people at the exclusive Club Fed’s get literal steak knives for filet’s cooked medium rare-plus and spend their time in the yard practicing archery.

Hey Oklahoma, I have a couple of solutions for the overcrowding, mold, and rates of suicide. Maybe if you stopped arresting people on drug charges based on tests that are super careless/ actually take place– maybe less people would have to go to the county? Secondly, if you stopped setting bail amounts that someone who WASN’T living in extremely impoverished couldn’t afford, then maybe they wouldn’t be forced to live in your terrible prison.

If it’s a crime to distribute milk, then boobies beware. Mother’s all over the country better watch out the next time their jug addict nipple suckers start going through withdrawal and cry for their next fix when they’re hungry. Think about your impact on the community of Cleav-land before you make your next jug deal.
The only acting person in Corey’s story that didn’t blow was the person accused of having it.

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