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Quarantine Got You Bored? We know.

These are the two most common phrases that have been said during this covid19 pandemic:

  1. “I think I have may have had it already and beat it.”
  2. “I am so bored.”

People are complaining about having nothing to do despite the we all have a device in our pocket that gives us access to more information than any library had 50 years ago. We are living in the most technologically advanced era ever. We have more things in our home that can occupy our time than ever before. 150 years ago, the most popular way to communicate with one and other was by handwritten letter. The only way we could occupy our time was by reading poetry by candle light or some shit. Now the only stuff we read are tweets and shitty blogs from an asshole that claims his take on things are killer. 

You can literally teach yourself different schools of study online. They say that paying for a  college degree is a fool’s errand because you can teach yourself anything with the information online. Everything you need to master Theoretical physics can be found online. There is literally so much stuff that is interesting to do just from the internet of things and yet we complain of not having enough to do.

We have either become way too used to having so many devices to occupy our boredom that our tolerance for things we don’t find stimulating is completely gone. That or, in the age of social media, we complain more than ever just because it’s relatable and because we can, despite the fact that literally no one giving a shit that you’re bored. We are doing this quarantine to help people, stop complaining that you’re bored. We are doing this because less people will die and if you are upset because you are going to “die of boredom” well than that is a risk that really really really want to take and hope happens. 

At Clemson in South Carolina last week, a college party of about 100 college students was broken up for violating the state’s social distancing policy. The internet decided to lose their fucking minds on them—which was deserved. However, if you are one of the people that goes after the people that ignore the pandemic policies of a sate, but complain about quarantine on social media, you don’t have a right to attack people for not doing it online, you just don’t.

When you go online and tell a bunch of people how bad of a time you are having in quarantine, you are deterring kids from wanting to engage in it. You know what happens when a new movie gets a shit ton of bad reviews? No one goes to see the movie. No one is like, “Let’s go have an awful time for two hours.”  When you complain about quarantine on social media and then attack people for still gathering in groups, you are basically saying, “How could these terrible people choose not to do the thing that everyone hates doing?” Imagine being someone who resides in one of the 8 states that haven’t ordered statewide restrictions on quarantine and you are thinking about whether or not to self-isolate. Now imagine reading thousands of tweets about how bad self-isolation is as “coping with quarantine” is trending. That decision just became a whole lot easier.

And celebrities that are complaining of quarantine—you are by far the fucking worst. Not only do you have a lot of influence and reach over people, but you also can’t fucking relate to any of the struggles that people are dealing with right now. Shoutout to Ricky Gervais for ripping apart celebrities in this Sun interview:

“These people are doing 14-hour shifts and not complaining. Wearing masks, and being left with sores, after risking their own health and their families’ health selflessly. But then I see someone complaining about being in a mansion with a swimming pool. And, you know, honestly, I just don’t want to hear it.”– Ricky Gervais.

I think Ellen Degeneres is a pretty awesome woman and I think she does a lot to give back to people, but man when she said her joke about Quarantine being like prison from the poolside cabana on her back patio… about being tone deaf. Ellen said:

Ellen’s home is worth $27 Million. And when you look at these pics of her place, people were justifiably outraged:

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Now Ellen was obviously wrong to make that comment and has donated $1 million dollars to coronavirus relief efforts, but the point is that so many people look up to Ellen and use her as a role model. When her fans see Ellen allegedly having a miserable time self-isolating at this home—which can only be described as a home you wouldn’t want to leave even if we weren’t in quarantine—they think to themselves, “If Ellen is having a shit time at a place like that, what are the chances I am going to enjoy self-isolating at my place.” So they say fuck it and don’t quarantine. So if you truly want to help stop this thing, stop posting on social about your how shitty your home life is.

DISCLOSURE: Complaining about quarantine is not a crime against humanity and probably does suck for a lot of people and it’s okay to complain just stop doing it on social media. Also if you see me in person I’ll probably even complain to you but then I’d be all like “wtf are you doing in my house” because I am refusing to leave because I am a good at doing my civic duty like a good little boy scout. 

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