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MUST WATCH: This Video of Public Altercation between the Worst-People-Ever with the Best-Accents-Ever is Intoxicating

‘I’m a law Student!’ from r/PublicFreakout

A bunch of people from Northern England got in a very public and very viral and very verbal altercation over social distancing concerns. Despite the people in the video being so mad at one another that the mother has to be held back from physically attacking the guy recording, the best part of the video isn’t the fight, but their intensely thick Northern British accents that turns it from a good video to bloody brilliant video that will make have a laugh that’ll make ya lose ya knickers like a schtewpid fookin twat. 

ICYMI because you wanted to punch blondie in the face, here is funniest face ever made.

Not sure what the situation is, but it really feels like every single person here is at fault (besides the little kids, of course). The mother is at fault because we are trying to social distance and going on a 10-ish person bike ride is clearly wrong. This lady definitely knew what she was doing was wrong. That’s why she got so mad. She probs shouting orders at the kids like Dwight Shrute to try and evade being seen:

I don’t care if every kid there is a member of her immediate family and lives with her–you have too much family living under one roof if that’s the case. You ARE supposed to go still outside and get some exercise or bike ride, you are not supposed to take part in a damn Bike-a-thon. Go for a bike ride alone or with one or two of the wee lads, but you just can’t do the exact opposite of what the government policy is, you just can’t for the health and safety of others. That’s fucked.

The guy recording isn’t a saint either. Yes, people who aren’t social distancing probably get a few scoldings because they definitely do deserve some sort of comeuppance for most likely contributing to the spread of the disease. But this guy saw them and thought to himself, “I am going to record myself getting in a fight with these wankers and get some glory on social media from it.” He just as well could have told the social-nearers to fuck right off and go home, but instead acted not out of concern for the spread of the virus, but for personal clout.

You can understand why this would piss off the mum. She is probably thinking “if this video goes viral, my kids are going to be ostracized, everyone will hate them and me and will be pariahs of this community, and we won’t even be able to move because I have no money from having to provide for my decuplets. All because this cunty bloke wants to ruin me fuckin life yeah?”

Lastly, the blonde dude on the phone–according to one of the video’s top Reddit comments– also a fookin bell-end:

“The chump on the phone calling the police is a fame hungry douche that’s been on countless reality shows. Forgot his name but he’s a confrontational dick...He’s a bellend that got kicked off X Factor for getting pissed up. He was on Big Brother and start arguments and fights for no reason whatsoever. He was on this other show where he injects fake tan. The list goes on and on. He is just a fame hungry mouth breather. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had set this all up to get a bit of exposure to stroke his ego.”


So yeah, everyone in this video is a knob. But what doesn’t suck? Those addictive accents. God damn, I could listen to these people pronounce words incorrectly all day. I mean, at least the people from southern England have accents that perpetuate themselves and make them sound more intelligent or refined. Every time someone from wherever these people are from speaks it sounds like they are doing a comedy routine. I can’t imagine ever getting in an actual argument with one of them because I don’t think I could actually ever get mad at something someone says with that accent. Watch, one day I am going to have a doctor with a thick northern English accent and he is going to tell me I have terminal brain cancer and a month to live and I am going to burst out laughing.

Maybe I think the video is funny because it reminds me of this viral video of this ‘merican reading words aloud that are spelled the way English people sound. Either way, both videos are bound to be some good crack:

But the way, I am sorry for showing you a TikTok as I am a firm believer that Tiktok was created to somehow cause CTE in your brain despite nothing ever actually coming in contact with your head…but I saw this on twitter though–I swear I am not one of them)

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