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Is this Fake News from Elon Musk?

If you have been a reader of this blog since Day 1 blog 1: first of all, respect. Second of all, you probably know how much I hate news pieces that are based on information that is written and presented as if it is an unbiased reporting of the facts but in actuality had mangled the shit out of the facts to sensationalize the news, make mountains out of mole hills, spread false information, etc.

That said, I’ve lost a little of my steam as far as writing about overtly un-unbiased articles because they just happen too much and I don’t want my blood pressure to be 280/200 in 10 years. However, I saw some fake news on Twitter I just couldn’t let go. Usually the news on twitter is pretty straightforward as most of the information put there comes straight from the Horses mouth (don’t think I am using that saying right.) On that note, when a celebrity tweets a factoid about themselves, it can only be one of two things: a true fact, or a falsified work of fictitious falsehood!

When I came across this tweet from Elon Musk, I could not, absolutely could not, believe the brazenness of this man’s lie:

As someone who started SpaceX and Tesla, I’ve always viewed Musk as a man who was dedicated to the truth and scientific fact, but the fact that he denies his romantic relationship with Bill gates is unfathomable. This relationship is well documented. Their love has been obnoxiously at the forefront at times, maybe, but no one can deny the publicly hot and passionate affair that Mates’ (Musk and Gates) we all found ourselves entangled in encapsulated hearts all over the world. There is no better love story. No one, absolutely no one, thought that each man’s shared love of obscene wealth from scientific advancement could be trumped, but it was that bond that was triumphantly standing tall when the dust and money and technology cleared.

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