Unpopular Opinion: The Sound of Birds Chirping is not relaxing

When you look up relaxing sounds on youtube, Many of the top results are nature sounds with birds chirping (example) and I couldn’t disagree more.

If I’m having trouble getting to sleep, I often get anxious about how shitty the next day at work is going to be. (It’s usually even worse the following night too because I start thinking about how I’d be even more fucked if I didn’t sleep again.) Anyway, I try to use all of the sleeping tricks and techniques hoping that I’ll be able to get to sleep at some point because any amount of sleep is at least better than no sleep.

I hold onto hope that I’ll be able to fall asleep at some point right up until I hear the morning birds chirp. The moment I hear them, my stomach drops. Even though they’re chirping at like 4:30 am and I could potentially still get like 3 – 3.5 hours, for whatever reason they make me get so anxious about how hard my day would be without sleep. And of course, I can’t sleep once that starts happening so… I think it makes me feel this way because birds chirping is sort of mother nature’s way of saying it’s officially no longer night-time and that my window of time to fall asleep has ended. 

Anyway, one of the things I do to try to help me sleep is put on”10 hours of relaxing music to help you sleep” youtube video or something like that. But many of the top results are relaxing nature sounds, all of which have birds chirping up a storm. The other night I was listening to a sleep meditation video and I rolled over and my fat stomach accidentally touched my Ipad and hit the “play next” button on youtube and it was of course nature sounds and of course the first thing I heard was fucking birds and I got extremely annoyed so I’m writing here about how birds are not relaxing and they do NOT help you fall asleep because if they did help you fall asleep then they should really chirp at night because that would be kind of selfish for them to chirp in the morning. 

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