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Commercial Roundup: Funniest and Worst Commercials Airing Right now (or aired this fall), and more.

Funniest/ Best Commercials Airing now:

Greenies Dog Treats:

This commercial is actually funny and I genuinely hope they don’t ruin it by over-airing it every 15 minutes.

John Jameson Irish whiskey Commercial:

I didn’t realize this commercial originally aired in 2009 but it’s airing nowadays and is easily the best commercial on TV. Not so much funny as just outright awesome.

Also I don’t know why there is such a large gap in-between this commentary and the John Jameson video and I can’t fix it so there’s that.

Commercials that aren’t funny/ suck/ are dumb as shit:

Cricket Wireless’s “Hi Ok Bye” Commercial:

As if this commercial isn’t bad enough to watch just once, it was on roughly every 15 minutes. Every single time it comes on it makes me so irrationally annoyed and gives me a splitting headache for about 14 minutes. And then my nightmare repeats.

But those 4 headache-less minutes every hour are serene.

Any Aflac Commercial:

The truth is that so long as Aflac keeps having commercials with that fucking weird animatronic thing quacking “Aflac,” all of their commercials will be the worst thing ever according to everyone–of all time.

But this commercial in particular is so weird and freaky to me. It’s the way the duck’s neck moves when it bobs its head. Or maybe it’s because the duck reminds me of this horrifying picture of a goose:

It's time you learned the truth about geese - The Verge

I mean what the fuck man. Why does it have teeth or whatever those are on its tongue?

This Burger King Commercial:

Burger King is another one who’s commercials will always and forever be annoying as shit. First of all, this commercial is a spit in the face to us. These people are so obviously actors and the fact that they say “we asked people on the street to describe a whopper” is just fucking annoying. Secondly, asking people to describe the whopper by heart and they say one of their favorite things is the sesame seeds on the bun, that should be considered a bad thing. The fact that so many of these people are quick to say the vegetables or the pickles or the sesame seeds shows you that the actual burger itself is actually ass. The first thing that every single one of them should say is the burger because that’s your shctick. But if they’re saying sesame seeds, then it sounds like they are just trying to come up with anything good to say about it.

Commercials Airing now that are just okay:

The New Geico commercials that use wordplay for jokes:

HA! Nothing to get Dad’s and dad-joke lovers to laugh quite like some Wordplay!

The Real Chris Paul State-farm Commercials:

Can’t believe that Carlton is able to take a break from hosting America’s Funniest Home videos to shoot this commercial. Surprised all of their five viewers were okay with that.

Commercials with Jingles that might have been good once but became insufferable because they were so overplayed:

Nationwide’s “Chicken Parm you Taste so good” Peyton Manning Commercial:

Everyone liked this commercial until that one day when you could not get it out of your head for the life of you and could not stop singing it and found yourself contemplating doing what Van Gogh did so you never have to hear that fucking commercial a day.

AT&T Boy Band Commercial:

Pretty much the same thing as the Nationwide commercial. Funny at first but the jingle gets annoying. Give me one chance I’ll treat you like a princess… Summa time lovaaaaa

JG Wentworth’s Commercial with “Call JG Wentworth, 877- Cash Now” Jingle

Fuck catchy Jingles.

Honorable Mention:

OG Jake from Statefarm:

No doubt deserves to be in the hall of fame of commercials. Undoubtedly funny the first few times you watch, but they literally ran the fucking thing for like 3 years straight and all of the damn time. It was bound to become annoying. I bet about 5/10 people can recite the commercial by heart.

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