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Kirk Herbstreit Should Not be Allowed to Call the Ohio-State, Clemson College Football Playoff Game

ESPN’s #1 college football broadcast team is made up of Chris Fowler as the play-by-play announcer and Kirk Herbstreit as the color commentary analyst. So it was no surprise that they are the ones that are calling the bigger game of the two college football playoff games in the primetime, 8pm slot.

Nothing is more annoying than when a broadcaster is biased. People want to hear the game being called as impartially as possible. Otherwise, everything that comes out of the broadcaster’s mouth is gonna make the average die-hard fan break their TV. And there is no way in f**king hell that Kirk Herbstreit doesn’t have a conflict of interest when it comes to calling this game.

First of all, Herbstreit is an Ohio State Buckeye alum. Right there should be enough to take him out of the booth. I don’t care if you went to school for sports broadcasting or have taught yourself to be the most impartial human being of all time, if you’ve gone to a big football school, you know that it’s impossible to not root for your team. I don’t think I could ever watch a Pitt football game and not pull for the panthers–and were not even that big of a football school.

On top of that, he played football for Ohio state! He wasn’t just a student, he was a player! The quarterback! He was the starter–it was his team! It’s literally his team!

“Herbstreit is a professional. It won’t be a problem.”

“He can be impartial.”

“He can call a Ohio State game down the middle”

You think so?

How about when Kerbstreit accused Michigan of faking their Covid-19 issues in order to get out of playing Ohio State?

Yes, Michigan probably could have played against Ohio State and. And yes, they probably did it because they knew they’d lose to Ohio State so they decided to hurt them another way by taking a game away from them so they’d be ineligible for the Big 10 Championship and the CFB playoffs. And yes, Harbaugh probably did it because his job is on the hot seat after every loss to OSU and would especially be under fire this year since Michigan already sucked.

Everyone already knew all of this. But you can’t say that if you are supposed to be an impartial broadcaster because it shows that you’re clearly pulling for Ohio State in the OSU-Michigan rivalry and clearly rooting for them to make the playoffs. Even if Kirk was coming from the most impartial point-of-view of all time as if he never went to OSU, you gotta let someone else come out and make that accusation–someone that didn’t play at Ohio State. You just gotta. Or your credibility as an impartial analyst is fucked.

Secondly, Captain Kirk has twin sons that play for Clemson’s football team as red-shirt freshman. That’s two sons–two–who play for Clemson.

“But Kirk’s sons are freshman and don’t really play so it won’t affect him.”

My little brother plays football at Manasquan High-school and dresses for varsity as a sophomore so he doesn’t play as much. That being said, it doesn’t stop my Dad from losing his voice at every game rooting for Manasquan.

Unless you’re a heartless son-of-a-bitch, you can’t not root for whatever team your family member is playing for. I mean, what kind of Dad would actively not want his sons to win. Would be kind of a dickhead move. Even if he says “hey, I’m not going to root for them, I’m just gonna be impartial and won’t root against them.” Well then you’re still kind of a prick because it’s like, who doesn’t pull for their kid? You don’t want your kid to win?

You can’t even argue that “Oh HErbstreit is calling the game because he would be there anyway for his sons or to support OSU” because he literally isn’t at the game announcing it. He’s calling it from his home as many broadcasters are doing in this new Covid-era world. He just as easily could have done the other College football game from his home. There is no reason for him to be doing this game.

So we either have Herbstreit– the dickhead dad who is rooting for his own team Ohio State to beat his sons.

Herbstreit household vibes

Or we have Kirk–the loving dad who would support his sons no matter what or who they play.

No matter what type of Dad he is, he doesn’t belong as the broadcasting booth for the Clemson, OSU game. Have him do Alabama-Notre dame or have him take a night off or some shit. ESPN’s ratings are already in the gutter, it’s not like not having Herbstreit and Fowler are going to make them be any worse.

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