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Confession: I’m a Man with an OnlyFans page. And I’m No Longer Keeping it A Secret.

Been struggling with what to do with this for a while now. Do I tell my family? Should I be open to people about uploading my pics to an OnlyFans page? I have a full-time job by day–would I be fired if they found out? Ultimately, the decision to be open about it came down to my mental health. I can’t take the anxiety anymore. Anytime I lock eyes with a stranger for just a little too long, my heart sinks into my stomach. Fuck, that’s the “I know your secret” look.

After some therapy, the decision seemed obvious. What am I supposed to do? Worry about it the rest of my life? I’m not ashamed of it, but my biggest fear is that my loved ones won’t accept my lifestyle. But I love it. I love doing it. And if my loved ones truly love me, they won’t be ashamed of what I do either. I’m at my happiest when a fan gets turned on because I’m feeling particularly hot.

And to make sure that I go through with this, I’ve decided to make a public instagram account and post my pics there as well. No turning back now. So without further ado, here are a few of the pics on my insta’s OnlyFans account:

Like I said, I love turning on my fans. Nothing makes me want to get blown by a fan more than when I am feeling particularly hot and sweaty.

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