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Welp, now we know what it looks like when Bill Walton eats ass.

Bill Walton has this running joke with his broadcast partner Dave Pasch where he eats the lit candle of a cupcake whenever the two are wishing someone a Happy Birthday. It started when Dave Pasch jokes that Bill should take a bite of the cupcake while it was lit. Bill Walton, who lost his mind years ago, just fucking did it out of nowhere.

So he went and did it again during the Stanford vs Arizona State broadcast yesterday. You can kinda see that Pasch knows it’s coming and he’s already laughing when Bill is saying “Happy birthday.”

You can tell that Bill Walton would have no trouble doing the eating challenges if he ever went on Survivor.

Maybe it’s my disturbing mind but I couldn’t help but notice that it looked and sounded like Bill was eating ass. You can’t see the cake while he’s chowing down and the moaning noises he’s making doesn’t help. When he comes up for air, he’s got chocolate on his face….

I think it looks a bit more like he just tossed the salad of someone who is a really shitty at wiping shit.

Bill Walton better watch out or he’s going to gonna get pink eye.

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